At the Tennessee Judiciary Museum, come experience a new perspective into Tennessee's courts by exploring historical cases and the litigants, lawyers and judges involved in them.

  • Visit

    The Tennessee Judiciary Museum is located inside the Supreme Court Library on the first floor of the historic 1937 Supreme Court Building, adjacent to the Tennessee State Capitol.

  • See

    Replicas of Tennessee’s three earliest constitutions, a 1930s Judge’s Chambers, and documents and objects representing historic court decisions are on display at the museum.

  • Learn

    Follow true tales of Tennesseans to find out what courts do and how cases move through the different courts. Learn first-hand about the origins, history, and current operation of Tennessee’s legal system.

Download Judicial Lesson Plans

These step-by-step lessons target middle and high school students and include curriculum connections, and they can be adapted to suit a variety of classroom, home school, or individual needs.